Monday, December 3, 2007

Leveraged marketing and promotion sells

I've told you about the work 20 speakers are doing in creating the Alberta Speakers website and ad-venture promotional team. This group is using a website which is supported by print advertising as a way to leverage their reach.

Mid November we expanded that outreach by inviting additional speakers to join us in two more online web-based promotional websites. We've had a good response for Edmonton Speakers and Calgary Speakers websites.

Last week we invited speakers from BC to become a part of a new online program to promote Vancouver Speakers and Kelowna/Okanagon Speakers. Again, the response has been good. Obviously, these ideas have struck a chord with our fellow speakers. Yahoo!

Glad to help where we can and we have several other projects under consideration: Atlantic Canada Speakers, Saskatchewan Speakers, Manitoba Speakers, Ontario Speakers, Toronto Speakers, Hamilton Speakers, and Ottawa Speakers. Interesting way to leverage my spare time, keep my webmaster busy, and leverage my reach along with helping my fellow speakers with theirs.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Medusa factor - getting past the fear in selling

Perhaps you remember some of the Greek Myth about the Gorgon Medusa (the lady with the snakes for hair).
Seems anyone who gazed on her face was instantly turned to stone.
And rock them she did. Her cave was littered with the 'statues' of animals and people who did not steer clear of her.

One young warrior named Perseus was able to overcome her challenge by cutting off her head while she slept. He did this by gazing on her reflection in the mirrored finish on his shield, rather than directly upon her. Hmmmm

I happened to remember this myth last night as I was attempting to sleep. Wondered how it would impact our sales approaches?

All too often, I see sales folks who are paralyzed with fear at the thought of facing a customer. Others who are frozen in in-action when it comes to actually asking their customers to make a decision or investment. This, after investing time showing or demonstrating their value and the benefits or impacts of the products or services they offer.
I remember one veteran sales pro who taught me the technique of mirroring my customers to help connect and help them. This mirror technique can be either verbally or physically and in each case allows you, as the sales professional, to align yourself with your client. This helps the client connect with you on a more impact-full path.
It also allows you to move past the fear of approaching, interacting, and actually asking your client to make the investment decision.
Sometimes the best way to face your fears is to approach them from a different angle or view. Remember the secret of the Medusa factor and connect with your clients and slay your fears of sales success.

8 field Proven tips featured in The Software Sales Journal

One of Bob's Articles on how to increase your professionalism and sales was featured in the October '07 issue of The Software Sales Journal.

Visit this link to read the whole article.

Secret Selling Tips

Monday, October 29, 2007

Secrets revealed in Edmonton during Small Business Week

Had the opportunity to share a few secrets for Small Business Week to assist the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

Shared Secrets Top Selling Professionals use to work smarter, make more money and have more fun in the selling game.

Very interested crowd and we were able to unveal our new individual 'Sales Leaders' subscription to Secret Selling Tips.

Looking forward to adding thousands of individual sales leaders to our Secret Selling Tips family over the next year.

Visit: for more information on how you can subscribe or sign up your entire sales team.

What's new?

Been very busy working on some new internet based projects.

Two new websites as an extention of what we are doing with our joint venture promotional project. Visit: and for more information. We will be expanding this service to speakers in other geographical areas across Canada in the future.

Am also launching several destination based speaker websites for strategically targeted areas I would like to visit or work. Visit:,, or for more information.

More to follow.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

Friday, October 19, 2007

Secrets success in Denver at CSIA DemoGala2007

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Denver, CO at the invitation of the Canadian Consulate in that area. I was invited, along with 8 other technology firms from Alberta and Sask. to be a part of the CSIA annual DemoGala2007.

What an amazing collection of technologies, ideas, and entreprenuers each seeking to share theirs with anyone who walked by...

The Consulate staff brought CO Governor, Bill Ritter over to the Canada booth to meet us and to have his picture taken with the complete trade mission team after he finished speaking at the opening kick off.

He had made a couple of major technology announcements and had been a good speaker. AS a speaker myself, I told him he had done a good job and encouraged him to keep up the good work... which brought a smile to his face. Someone told me later, that might have been due to his being new to the politician role since he took office in Jan of 2007. I hope he keeps close to who he is and shares honestly... we need more of that.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Secret Selling Tips going to Denver

News Flash: Oct 9-12: Denver, CO.

Canadian Trade Mission at CSIA's DemoGala2007 with 900 key technology professionals, government leaders, business leaders, venture capitalists, investment bankers and market influencers! 55 technology companies (inlcuding 9 Canadian) have been invited to display. CSIA theme is intensity, innovation and inspiration.

We feel, as does the Canadian Trade Comissioner, that we are leveraging technology in this innovative and inspirational service to engage and equip sales teams. We have been invited to participate and display our innovative tecnology-supported "Secret Selling Tips," sales leaders success program.

I am looking forward to meeting Colorado leaders who want to help their sales forces become more effective and profitable.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Secret Selling Tips going to Denver

News just in: Bob Hooey, publisher of Secret Selling Tips has been invited by the Canadian Trade Commission in Denver, CO to be part of a trade mission at the CSIA DemoGala2007.

This means he will have the opportunity to show and share the concept of turning your sales team's computer screens into a motivational, sales success enhancing tool.

Oct 9-12th, 2007 Denver, CO

Secret Selling Tips

Drop Zone a success

Drop Zone adventure ended as a success with Bob raising $3200 to support AB Easter Seals kids. Thanks to those who made a donation.
What a mental challenge... much more than a physical one in stepping off the ledge of a 27 story Sutton Place Hotel and rappelling down under my own control.
It was a great experience and an even greater cause. AB Easter Seals help kids and adults with disabilities have additional freedom in living their lives.
Visit: for pictures and raw video footage of the event.
Bob Hooey, aka Batman of Egremont

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Moving past the minimum - gaining momentum

Update August 16th:

We have reached the first level of success in this quest to help Alberta Easter Seals help kids and adults with disabilities.

We are above the $1500 minimum needed to be able to rappel down the outside of the Sutton Place hotel in Edmonton, Alberta

Bob is scheduled to step off at 10:45AM on Sept 10th. If you are in the area, come out and cheer him on as he conquers his nervousness about heights and helps the Easter Seals Kids.

But we can still use your help to raise even more money. You can visit Bob's webpage and follow the links to his personal donation page on the Alberta Easter Seals site. Once there, you can make a donation... and you don't even have to live in Edmonton, or Canada for that matter. You can help right where you are...


Bob Hooey

PS: If you are wondering how this relates to Secret Selling Tips... one of the secrets is having an attitude and action plan for giving and being involved in your community. That attitude, for some unexplained reason, opens doors and attracts those who would support you and deal with you based on your commitment.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

ASK for the sale - asking for your help

In sales, your success depends on your ability to get the order and serve your customer. But you have to ask for the order.

I am asking for your help...

Anyone who raises a minimum pledge of $1500 for the Alberta Easter Seals Drops Zone before Sept. 10th (actually before my training on Sept. 5th) will earn the chance to rappel down the side of the 26-story Sutton Place Hotel (10235 101 St in Edmonton). Since 2005, more than 600 superheros joined this exclusive Superhero Club for Easter Seals.

I am committed to being a part of that courageous group this year in helping Easter Seal Kids. (gulp)

I am asking for your involvement in making that goal a reality. I could donate the $1500 for the chance to walk down the building, but that would defeat the process of engaging and involving a greater number of people in the process. People like you... I believe in the power of making a 'leveraged' difference.

This program is being used by Easter Seals all across Canada. Last year (Edmonton's first) 39 people rappeled down and this year they have a goal of doubling that number. They have room for 70 Superheros. I would love to be one of them this year and with your help, surpass that challenging goal.

I've pledged to raise at least $2500. I am asking your help to surpass this challenging goal.
Check out this flash movie to see what I have to look forward to (gulp!) and follow the link below to go to my personal donation page.

As many of you know I am not very comfortable with heights; but I believe to get to the winner's zone we need to move outside my comfort zone. This adventure will certainly move me 'way' past my comfort zone. (SMILE!!!) With your help I will on Sept. 10th, 2007. We'll see if we can get some pictures to share of this adventure.

Check out my personal donation page and support this great cause. (You can make a donation online)

Bob Hooey

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Selling Guru Brian Tracy adds his wisdom to Secret Selling Tips

Boy are we excited... and blessed.

Recently a friend hosted a dinner and invited Brian Tracy (who was in town) to join him, his leadership team, and myself. During that dinner, Brian freely shared his wisdom with all in attendance. Brian is a very wise and generous man. He also told some stories of his first meeting with my friend and how unique he was even then. That did not surprise me, as he (my friend) has been an amazing leader, friend and cheerleader for me.

When my friend told Brian about what we were doing with the Secret Selling Tips for his sales team and the others who have already signed up, Brian did something that humbled me. Brian told me we could draw from any of his material to support and help our subscribers grow in their quest to be or become top performing selling professionals.

Now each issue also includes focused wisdom from Sales Master, Brian Tracy. As well our Secret Selling Tips, members only vault will have additional materials from Brian just for their use.

Thanks Brian, we appreciate your investment in the success of those who read Secret Selling Tips. It is no secret why you have become an industry leader in your field.
Bob Hooey, Guardian of The Secret Selling Tips

Welcome new clients to our Secret Selling Tips family

We continue to grow.

We launched Secret Selling Tips in March 2007 to 1500 Brick Sales professionals across Canada and added a French version for their Quebec sales team in April 2003.

I was invited to attend a Strivers meeting in Chicago in May, 2007 to introduce this exciting new concept to a group of US furniture retailers as the guest of our first Canadian subscriber who felt the value we brought to his team would be of interest to his counterparts. He was so excited about what we were doing he called and said, "Hooey, you have to come to Chicago. You are my best idea this year!"

Following that meeting we have had 4 new US based firms subscribe their sales teams... with a couple more in the process of getting ready to sign up their teams. We welcome new companies who are committed to equipping and motivating their sales teams to subscribe. Cost is very reasonable, in most cases for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee per month, and the delivery system is easy too. Just subscribe, give us their names and email addresses and every two weeks they will get their copy of 'your' Secret Selling Tips.
Call to find out how you can stimulate and excite your sales teams to sell more, increase their conversion ratios, and make more money. (780) 736-0009

Creator and editor

Monday, February 19, 2007

Welcome to the Secret Selling Tips blog

Generations of Leading sales professionals throughout history have learned and leveraged the secrets of sales to ensure and enhance their success.

We've gleaned their wisdom and are compiling it into a unique personal service which will help you gain and maintain a competitive sales edge over your competition.

Secret Selling Tips will provide the keys to unlock your power and full potential in the sales field.

How would you like to out-smart, out-perform, and out-sell your competition every year?

How would you like to "Set a goal so BIG," as master salesman W. Clement Stone challenged, "that if you achieved it, it would blow your mind."and make it a reality.

Visualize it! Write it! Achieve it!

We are dedicated to helping you surpass this amazing, visionary goal. This unique web based service will be soon available. Secret Selling Tips is a web-based program to provide simple, strategic, systematic inspiration and information, with easily applied tips, techniques, and tools to your sales team.

It is designed to be read in less than 3 minutes and will be delivered directly to your email every two weeks.

Each issue of Secret Selling Tips will include a brief sales tip, motivational moment, recommendation and/or review of books, cds, dvds for your sales success library, as well as other tips, techniques, or tools to support your sales team in becoming more productive and profitable.

We invite you to visit our new website, currently under construction, to learn more about this exciting new adventure and to find out how you can get the Secret Selling Tips for you and your sales team.