Monday, December 3, 2007

Leveraged marketing and promotion sells

I've told you about the work 20 speakers are doing in creating the Alberta Speakers website and ad-venture promotional team. This group is using a website which is supported by print advertising as a way to leverage their reach.

Mid November we expanded that outreach by inviting additional speakers to join us in two more online web-based promotional websites. We've had a good response for Edmonton Speakers and Calgary Speakers websites.

Last week we invited speakers from BC to become a part of a new online program to promote Vancouver Speakers and Kelowna/Okanagon Speakers. Again, the response has been good. Obviously, these ideas have struck a chord with our fellow speakers. Yahoo!

Glad to help where we can and we have several other projects under consideration: Atlantic Canada Speakers, Saskatchewan Speakers, Manitoba Speakers, Ontario Speakers, Toronto Speakers, Hamilton Speakers, and Ottawa Speakers. Interesting way to leverage my spare time, keep my webmaster busy, and leverage my reach along with helping my fellow speakers with theirs.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey