Monday, February 19, 2007

Welcome to the Secret Selling Tips blog

Generations of Leading sales professionals throughout history have learned and leveraged the secrets of sales to ensure and enhance their success.

We've gleaned their wisdom and are compiling it into a unique personal service which will help you gain and maintain a competitive sales edge over your competition.

Secret Selling Tips will provide the keys to unlock your power and full potential in the sales field.

How would you like to out-smart, out-perform, and out-sell your competition every year?

How would you like to "Set a goal so BIG," as master salesman W. Clement Stone challenged, "that if you achieved it, it would blow your mind."and make it a reality.

Visualize it! Write it! Achieve it!

We are dedicated to helping you surpass this amazing, visionary goal. This unique web based service will be soon available. Secret Selling Tips is a web-based program to provide simple, strategic, systematic inspiration and information, with easily applied tips, techniques, and tools to your sales team.

It is designed to be read in less than 3 minutes and will be delivered directly to your email every two weeks.

Each issue of Secret Selling Tips will include a brief sales tip, motivational moment, recommendation and/or review of books, cds, dvds for your sales success library, as well as other tips, techniques, or tools to support your sales team in becoming more productive and profitable.

We invite you to visit our new website, currently under construction, to learn more about this exciting new adventure and to find out how you can get the Secret Selling Tips for you and your sales team.