Monday, November 19, 2007

The Medusa factor - getting past the fear in selling

Perhaps you remember some of the Greek Myth about the Gorgon Medusa (the lady with the snakes for hair).
Seems anyone who gazed on her face was instantly turned to stone.
And rock them she did. Her cave was littered with the 'statues' of animals and people who did not steer clear of her.

One young warrior named Perseus was able to overcome her challenge by cutting off her head while she slept. He did this by gazing on her reflection in the mirrored finish on his shield, rather than directly upon her. Hmmmm

I happened to remember this myth last night as I was attempting to sleep. Wondered how it would impact our sales approaches?

All too often, I see sales folks who are paralyzed with fear at the thought of facing a customer. Others who are frozen in in-action when it comes to actually asking their customers to make a decision or investment. This, after investing time showing or demonstrating their value and the benefits or impacts of the products or services they offer.
I remember one veteran sales pro who taught me the technique of mirroring my customers to help connect and help them. This mirror technique can be either verbally or physically and in each case allows you, as the sales professional, to align yourself with your client. This helps the client connect with you on a more impact-full path.
It also allows you to move past the fear of approaching, interacting, and actually asking your client to make the investment decision.
Sometimes the best way to face your fears is to approach them from a different angle or view. Remember the secret of the Medusa factor and connect with your clients and slay your fears of sales success.

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